Inexplicable Bodily Bruises

Bodily Bruises

Mysterious Bodily Bruises

Occasional bodily bruises are all but inevitable. However, there are bruises that manifest in the absence of any genuine explanation. This kind of bruising, to some, can be rather worrying.

Here’s What Might Be Going On

Everyone gets bruises. We all understand that. Whenever you bruise, the immediate area becomes a shade of purple. You can expect to observe light bruise in the event that you knock your leg against a table or knock an elbow into a wall. If you get a mysterious bruise appearing anywhere on your body and one that lasts for more than a month, the blame might be the time you have spent in direct exposure to the Sun.

Bodily Bruises

The ‘Sun issue’ originates from a compromised layer in your skin which has three layers: the epidermis (the outer layer), dermis (the middle layer, which also contains spongy collagen), and hypodermis (the lowest layer).

When you bump up against a hard object, you can rupture very small blood vessels called capillaries. They leak blood that gets entrapped just below the skin’s epidermis, and the consequence is a light-toned purple coloured type bruise.

Management of Bodily Bruises

Fortunately, it can be managed if required, to get rid of the bruise much faster. It all depends how unattractive and large it is.

If your skin layers are strong enough, they can function as a barricade that protects your blood vessels and you’ll undoubtedly bruise less. Genetics, medications, supplements, and certain medical conditions can leave you more likely to bruise.

Harmful UV Rays.

An additional issues that is now understood to have an impact on an individual manifesting bodily bruises are the sun’s harmful UV rays. They can break down collagen, and without that bodily functional ‘cushioning’, your capillaries are more vulnerable to knocks or other similar type impacts.

Collagen also helps explain why females have the tendency to bruise more easily in comparison to males. Mens skin has a thicker collagen layer and provides much more bodily padding and safeguard to their bodies capillaries.

Nutritional Supplements

Everyone can reduce bruising by fulfilling the daily recommended guidelines for vitamins B12, C, K, and folic acid. These important nutritional supplement will help keep your capillaries strong as well as pliable and give protection to them from knocks, thus lowering the chance of bruising.

If you find that you are prone to strange bruising, especially to your neck or face, seek out a dermatologist or medical professional. Adhere to their suggestions and you ought to be fine.