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Health Disease & Numerology

Why do so many people refer to numerology for their life’s path? Why is it so important to them? We’ve all heard the proclamation, “if you do not have your health, you have nothing at all”, and for good justification. All the achievements in the world can in no way substitute for good health and wellness.

To feel and be healthy is truly the most vital thing on the planet! To help matters, numerology can be explored to find some healthy tips and direction. The secrets of numbers is quite powerful!

It is essential, subsequently, to appreciate what the crucial considerations are to maintaining your health. Individuals really need to identify what forms of health problems and illness they are most vulnerable to, and not just for them, but their loved ones as well.

With this particular sort of insight, you can not just protect yourself but also your family members. You will then be in a situation in order to take preventative precautions for all your households physical health and well being. You can learn more at the Secrets of Numerology

Numerology and Health

Numerology Health Insights

This insight into your health is found in Numerology and is determined by the date of your birth. In the case that a person you know is unwell and they were born upon the 18th of the month, their numerology number be, 1 +8 = 9.

So, in numerology, the person that is sick would be a No. 9. It is typically the case that whatever health problem this particular person is struggling with, is one that a No. 9 is vulnerable to.

You can discover below, as a preventative insight & exercise, what the common conditions are, as well as illnesses, that are to be found in birthday numerology.

Numerology Health Issues

The Health Condition Of A No. 1

Folks born upon the 1st, 10th, 19th & & 28th of the month, often-times live in really good health. Those whose birth numbers reduce to the No. 1 additionally feature the comparable health and wellness properties.

You will usually experience really good health provided you do not permit yourself to stumble under an excessive amount of anxiety.

Your upbeat mind will in most cases stop unwarranted anxiety and stress occurring, nevertheless, if it does, it can trigger a break down. You are sturdy enough nonetheless to come out the other side tougher.

The Health Condition Of A No. 2

People born upon the 2nd, 11th, 20th, or 29th of the calendar month, or whose birth day numbers reduce to the number 2, may likely experience digestive system and your bowels problems.

Different kinds of colic, affections of intestinal tract digestion, neuralgia of the intestinal tract, dysentery, bowel irregularity, typhoid as well as enteric fever is indicated and might well be endured.

No. 2’s generally endure poor blood circulation resulting in anemia or even a weak heart. The Moon is your ruling planet which in turn implies ‘unease’ is the notable characteristic. It creates psychological stress and loss or lack of sleep. A person might also have to deal with diabetes or asthma.

The Health Condition Of A No. 3

If you were born upon the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th or your birth date numbers reduce to the No. 3, you will normally possess very good health. However, occasionally, you may well experience troubles with blood circulation along with the arterial system of your body.

Be alert to any health signs and symptoms relating to the lumber region, the skin and the kidneys. It is not unusual for a No. 3 to struggle with chest, bronchi ailments, throat afflictions, gout and immediate fevers.

The Health Condition Of A No. 4

Those people born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st pf the calendar month of whose birth date numbers reduce to the No. 4 will usually experience very good health due to their physical strength and stamina. Every once in awhile, a No. 4 might encounter problems with their knees, shanks and potential foot problems.

The Health Condition Of A No. 5

In the event that you were born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of the calendar month or your birth date reduces to the No. 5, you have really good health.

Having said that, be diligent and careful regarding what you drink and eat. The consumption of heavy food as well as too much liquor is often-times the ‘man-made’ health demise of the No. 5.

The weak point of the No. 5 is their ill temper and sometimes stressed inclination. Whenever anxiety and stress is experienced, a sense of uneasiness can intensify dramatically. Some type of meditation or Yoga exercise is sufficient to lower the stress and anxiety endured.

The Health Condition Of A No. 6

Number 6 is for people born upon the 6th, 15th, or 24th of the calendar month or whose birth date numbers reduce to the No. 6, health-wise, is generally pretty good.

High temperature is something that is frequently endured by a No. 6, for instance, colds and also influenza. There is a tendency to struggle with nerves however the condition is not serious.

The Health Condition Of A No. 7

If you were born on the 7th, 16th, 25th or whose birth numbers reduce to No. 7, your primary problem is your nervous system. Almost all the health problems that a No. 7 has to deal with, generally speaking, can be rooted in and to the nervous system. A No. 7 will typically endure defective blood circulation, stomach disorders as well as fevers.

A No. 7’s health can be impacted as a result of over-activity, and over-excitement. It is very important therefore, that you always have enough rest after physical strain or exercise.

The Health Condition Of A No. 8

People born upon the 8th, 17th, or 26th of the calendar month or whose birth numbers reduce to No. 8 may find that they have to deal with nervousness, extremities problems, teeth and ear canal difficulties. In addition, paralysis can regularly be identified with individuals governed with number 8.

Depression is similarly in the numbers for a No. 8, so rest must be taken seriously. Watch out for haemorrhoids and also vein issues as well.

The Health Condition Of A No. 9

Individuals born upon the 9th, 18th, or 27th of the month and whose birth date numbers reduce to the No. 9 can regularly find that their health afflictions are triggered by heat.

No. 9’s quite often experience challenges with the gallbladder, heatstroke, throat and bronchi problems. The consumption of greasy types of foods as well as excessive booze should really be avoided given that these do not bode well with regard to a No. 9.

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The Hyperhidrosis Cure

Hyperhidrosis Sweating

What Is Hyperhidrosis?

The word Hyperhidrosis is phonetically pronounced, ‘hi-pur-hi-DROE-sis’. It’s a condition attributed to unusual or excessive perspiration which is not essentially correlated to temperature or excessive physical activity. For many sufferers it may cause them to sweat so severely that their clothing becomes soaked or sweat may quite literally drip from their hands.

Such intense sweating can cause the individual tremendous discomfort and social anxiety that can be a significant disruption to their regular day-to-day lives. It is no wonder that sufferers are looking for the cure.

Excessive Sweating & Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis Fast Facts

Even though hyperhidrosis is actually a somewhat uncommon health issue lots of intriguing realities have been noted. The fundamental points observed:

  • Excessive sweating tends to commence during adolescence 7.8 million Americans are estimated to suffer from excessive sweating
  • The feet, palms, face, and underarms are generally most often times affected
  • Treatments of all sorts have been identified to reduce symptoms

Excessive Sweating Symptoms

Exerting ourselves whenever we exercise, are under stress, distressed or are in a hot environment, is when most individuals sweat

Normally, in these circumstances, only ordinary perspiration is experienced. However, with regard to hyperhidrosis sufferers, their sweating patterns are magnified, extreme and irregular.

Sweaty palms, sweaty underarms, moist feet and facial sweating are the break out areas brought on by hyperhidrosis. It can be intermittent or continuous. Intermittent excessive sweating is likely experienced a minimum of once a week, during waking hrs.

Root Causes Of Heavy Sweating

The medical condition of excessive sweating needs to be taken very seriously and focused when handling it. It cannot be neglected in the hope that it may vanish or one might ‘grow out of it’.

The Hypothalamus

Hypothalamus is actually a section of the brain that is accountable for all sweat associated functions of the physical body. The hypothalamus stimulates the sweat glands, that are responsible for generating sweat, by transmitting signals to the glands through the medium of the bodies nervous system.

A person sweats, in typical circumstances, when the temperature level in their surroundings climbs or whenever that person experiences physical activity. When it comes to a person struggling with excessive sweating, the sweat glands generate excess sweat for no obvious reason, and continuously.

Heavy sweating and hyperhidrosis

Masking Remedies For Heavy Sweating

Symptoms can be improved for sufferers through the utilization of masking agents, that have the ability to greatly improve their everyday life as well as every day activities.

  • Armpit sweating shields– pads worn in the underarm to shield a garment from sweating.
  • Antiperspirants– deodorants do not prevent armpit perspiration, but antiperspirants sprays do. Some doctor prescribed antiperspirants include aluminum chloride, that plugs the sweat glands.
  • All-natural Shoes– synthetic materials are most likely to intensify sweaty feet symptoms. All-natural materials, such as leather, are recommended.
  • All-natural Garments– certain synthetic fibers, for example, nylon, may worsen symptoms. Loose clothing is far better.
  • Natural Socks– some socks are far better at absorbing moisture from sweaty feet, for instance, thick, comfy ones comprised of natural fibres.

Is There A Cure For Hyperhidrosis?

If you have to deal with this condition and would like to learn how to deal with it once and for all, without drugs, regain your health and well being, without the typical treatments, without any side effects, with validated results, you should visit the Hyperhidrosis Cure website.

When You Quit Smoking

Reap The Benefits – Quit Smoking

One of the most difficult individual goals for those individuals that smoke is to quit smoking altogether. If you can manage it, there are a great number of benefits. Here are just a few. At the end of this short article is a complimentary guide to quit smoking! Enjoy the read and download your free copy.

The Addiction

Smoking tobacco is an universal addiction, as a result of the addictive quality of nicotine. Many experts in fact assert that stopping smoking is harder compared to giving up every other drug.

Almost everyone knows the risks of smoking cigarettes, there are still millions of people around the world who smoke.

The enjoyable, stimulant effects of a cigarette are extremely desirable, and the drug itself makes one desire more virtually immediately. Immediately after you finish smoking a cigarette, your body initiates the slow progression of yearning for nicotine, leading to your need for another cigarette.

Quit Smoking Image

When you quit smoking, your body can begin to heal. Whilst this process can require a prolonged amount of time, it is feasible to re-establish your past level of health and wellness and decrease your risk of lung cancer and a diminished quality of life.

The Benefits

The principal benefits of giving up smoking include things like strengthened heart health, enhanced energy levels, decreased stress and anxiety, brighter teeth, and improved fertility, to name a few.

Breathing Capability

After you cease smoking, the cilia in your lungs will start to re-grow, and you will reduce your danger of emphysema, meaning that your breathing capacity will begin to increase again, permitting you to become much more active.

Increased Energy

Cigarettes do have a stimulant quality to them, they also impair your overall energy levels. By reducing your blood circulation and hindering your breath capacity, cigarettes essentially render it more challenging for your metabolism to function properly and generate energy.

Reduced Stress Levels

Although cigarettes are often used for their stress-relieving tendencies (the short-lived result of nicotine), they can also increase stress hormone levels in the body, particularly once you deny your body that drug for an extended period of time.

Increased Fertility

There is absolutely no contention that cigarette smoking has a negative impact on fertility, so if you are aiming to have a little one, eradicating cigarettes from your day-to-day usage will increase blood circulation and possibilities of conception.

Better Skin Care

The carcinogens and other chemical type in cigarettes, in addition to the contaminants in the smoke itself, cause your skin to discolor. It will heighten your risk of acne scarring, wrinkles and age spots. By eradicating this habit from your life, you can keep your skin from aging too rapidly!

Increased Life Expectancy

Smoking cigarettes literally kills close to 500,000 people each year in the United State of America alone, predominantly as a result of lung cancer, but equally in secondary forms from other diseases, for example, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, etc. By quitting smoking, you can dramatically improve your life expectancy– by years!

Better Breath For Those Around You!

Nobody wishes to smell smoke whenever you open your mouth, or whenever they stand close to you on the tube. Not smoking will enhance your odor and the scent of your home and wardrobe too!

As promised, here is your link to download your free copy of how to stop smoking.





Inexplicable Bodily Bruises

Bodily Bruises

Mysterious Bodily Bruises

Occasional bodily bruises are all but inevitable. However, there are bruises that manifest in the absence of any genuine explanation. This kind of bruising, to some, can be rather worrying.

Here’s What Might Be Going On

Everyone gets bruises. We all understand that. Whenever you bruise, the immediate area becomes a shade of purple. You can expect to observe light bruise in the event that you knock your leg against a table or knock an elbow into a wall. If you get a mysterious bruise appearing anywhere on your body and one that lasts for more than a month, the blame might be the time you have spent in direct exposure to the Sun.

Bodily Bruises

The ‘Sun issue’ originates from a compromised layer in your skin which has three layers: the epidermis (the outer layer), dermis (the middle layer, which also contains spongy collagen), and hypodermis (the lowest layer).

When you bump up against a hard object, you can rupture very small blood vessels called capillaries. They leak blood that gets entrapped just below the skin’s epidermis, and the consequence is a light-toned purple coloured type bruise.

Management of Bodily Bruises

Fortunately, it can be managed if required, to get rid of the bruise much faster. It all depends how unattractive and large it is.

If your skin layers are strong enough, they can function as a barricade that protects your blood vessels and you’ll undoubtedly bruise less. Genetics, medications, supplements, and certain medical conditions can leave you more likely to bruise.

Harmful UV Rays.

An additional issues that is now understood to have an impact on an individual manifesting bodily bruises are the sun’s harmful UV rays. They can break down collagen, and without that bodily functional ‘cushioning’, your capillaries are more vulnerable to knocks or other similar type impacts.

Collagen also helps explain why females have the tendency to bruise more easily in comparison to males. Mens skin has a thicker collagen layer and provides much more bodily padding and safeguard to their bodies capillaries.

Nutritional Supplements

Everyone can reduce bruising by fulfilling the daily recommended guidelines for vitamins B12, C, K, and folic acid. These important nutritional supplement will help keep your capillaries strong as well as pliable and give protection to them from knocks, thus lowering the chance of bruising.

If you find that you are prone to strange bruising, especially to your neck or face, seek out a dermatologist or medical professional. Adhere to their suggestions and you ought to be fine.